Medical LensCDR Lens

CDR Lens

Features of CDR lens

The medical CDR lens is a lens for X-ray photography, and can verify even observation after photographing in a very short time, as compared to the manner of photographing with ordinary films.

  • Purpose : For medical (X-ray photographing)
  • For use with cameras : Area camera
CDR Lens
Lens Spec.
Parameter Spec. Remark
Camera 9 x 9 um CCD CCD size 36.864 x
36.864(D 52.134) ㎜
Mag. 0.0861x  
F/# (NA) F/1.17(0.427) Working F/#
EFL 94.77 mm  
MTF 0.4 이상 @50lp/mm
DOF ±0.20mm Optical DOF @Object
Distortion 1% 이하  
Wavelength 545 ± 30㎚  
FWD 1150 ㎜ Object~1st Surface
BWD 14 mm Last Surface~CCD
Include Cover Glass
TTL 1369.7 ㎜ Object~CCD
Size 131φ X 235 ㎜ Only Lens
Iris Fixed  
CCD adapter Exclusion  
Illumination Exclusion  
Lens Shape
CDR Lens
CDR Lens
CDR Lens
Ray fan
CDR Lens