Collimation Lens for Mobile Phone

Collimation(Relay) Lens

Features of relay lens

This is a lens made to test the performance of and align the sensor of mobile phone cameras. When setting a target at a distance for the configuration of an inspection system, you must use too large a space.
In this case, even if you use the relay lens to configure the collimation system and set a target at a close range, you can have the same effect as that produced when doing the inspection at a distance.

  • Purpose : equipment to inspect and align mobile phones
    Capable of customizing the WD and angle according to the conditions of the inspection system
  • For use with cameras :
    WD600A74, WD408A80, WD300A74, WD250A74,
    WD249A66, WD235A80, WD130A66, WD280A100
Relay Lens Series
Model TTL (Chart~ Phone lens) WD
Phone lens)
FOV (Angle) Distortion Lens element, group
WD600A74 600.0mm 17.5mm 61.5mm 74° -0.2% 2E
WD408A80 408.0mm 30.0mm 108.0mm 80° -0.25% 3E 2G
WD300A74 300.0mm 17.5mm 70.5mm 74° ±0.05% 3E 2G
WD250A74 250.5mm 14.7mm 78.0mm 74° 0.07% 3E 2G
WD249A66 249.0mm 16.0mm 100.0mm 66° 0.1% 5E 3G
WD235A80 234.5mm 22.5mm 114.8mm 80° -0.4% 3E 2G
WD130A66 129.6mm 20.0mm 140.0mm 66° -0.9% 3E 2G
WD280A100 270.0mm 16.0mm 120.0mm 100° -1.0% 3E 2G